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 In what researchers consider a major scientific leap, a team at Ohio State University has discovered a new way of turning skin cells into any type of cells the body might need, a technology that has limitless potential, from regenerating a wounded limb to repairing a brain after stroke to healing a damaged heart.

Like many of his colleagues, Chandan Sen brought important connections from India, his birth country, when he joined Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. Thanks to the university’s Global Gateway office in Mumbai, those connections are being leveraged to maximize partnerships between medical researchers in India and at Ohio State.

Leaders of Indiana University’s Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering say they hope the new facility will put Indiana at the forefront of the field. The IU School of Medicine announced it will invest $20 million in the new center that will look at ways to repair and replace damaged organs and tissue. Dr. Chandan K. Sen will be at the helm of the center. He says regenerative medicine is a fairly new idea.

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